The West Perth Office

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Mark Jackson
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Level 2, 8 Clive Street, West Perth, WA 6100,
Perth, Western Australia
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The West Perth Office
Shared office and Co-working space in West Perth.
Location : Level 2, 8 Clive Street, West Perth, WA 6100
Contact : Mark Jackson
Number: 407-799-966
Meeting in coffee shops worked for a while but they had their limitations: “Coffee shops are fine occasionally but often lack adequate privacy for certain conversations and definitely lack great whiteboard and electronic facilities for really tackling difficult problems and facilitating inspired collaboration. I was also spending a lot of time on the road travelling between clients.”
In a moment of inspiration, the two needs came together: “I realized I could create my own coworking space perth. So I created a space that I would be productive in, and proud to work from serviced office perth. It has great meeting areas for in-depth private conversations, as well as group collaboration. Being an IT professional originally, it would of course have awesome WiFi, great Internet speed and security, and plenty of AV.”


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