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Cain Anthony
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Reedy Creek,
Gold Coast, Queensland
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Specializes in the application of Decorative Spray Paving and resurfacing products for your concrete areas.  Our range of products are specially formulated coating systems that adhere permanently to the prepared surface.

We also offer concrete cleaning and sealing, removing all stains, old paint and oil marks.


The spray paving industry was introduced in Australia approximately 20 years ago and continues to grow at a staggering rate. The technology and application techniques have improved significantly over this period of time.

Our product is a specially formulated coating system that adheres permanently to concrete giving the appearance of a newly laid decorative driveway, patio, pool surround or garage. Spray paving as it is commonly known, has a wide range of applications in both the domestic and commercial sectors.


About the Product...


Will not peel or bubble — Solvent based paving paints trap moisture in the concrete. The trapped moisture can cause the paint to bubble and lift off. Our product will not lift off, as it is not paint. Spray pave products are a decorative resurfacing material for renovating old or new concrete surfaces — being a single pack polymer modified cementaceous coating system designed to give excellent protective durability, while decorating existing concrete in a vast range of styles, textures, colours and patterns.


Slip resistant — Spray pave products are much safer to walk on in wet conditions than paving paint and other similar products as the product has an inbuilt textured finish for a more positive grip.


Easy to clean — The spray pave coating system is protected by the application of a clear sealer, which is petrol and solvent resistant. Oil and stains simply wash away leaving your concrete looking like new. It is recommended to re-seal the decorative concrete once a year to enhance and refresh the overall finish.


  1. The concrete area is acid etched using a mixture of hydrochloric acid and water and spreading it around with a stiff broom. This process cleans and opens the pores of the concrete in readiness for the application.
  2. The concrete is then high pressure washed to remove any residues and degregated concrete.
  3. When applying Spray Pave against any existing structures, we mask up using plastic provided to prevent splattering and spillages.
  4. A coat of primer is rolled on to the entire surface.
  5. We then spray or trowell a colour base coat on to the surface. This colour will represent the grout line.
  6. If supplying a decorative finish we either fix appropriate stencil or filament tape to achieve the desired finish.
  7. Apply 2 top coats using hopper gun and compressor.
  8. When dry we remove stencil or filament tape, airblow clean and apply 2 coats of sealant for protection from UV rays and other stains.
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