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Our expert team does one thing – SEO in Perth. We know how to do it right and bring traffic to your website. And we do it really well, so we’re proud of it.


Let’s get straight to the point. While local Perth SEO is a passion of ours, chances are it’s not exactly one of yours. We’re pretty sure you don’t want to learn every smidgeon of detail regarding a comprehensive, tailored SEO campaign. You want to know what SEO in Perth can do, and how exactly it can benefit your business.


You want more clients or customers, but don’t want to go down the beaten path of traditional yellow pages, newspaper or radio advertising. You really don’t want to resort to cold calling or attending local “networking” events either. Don’t worry, the thought makes us cringe too.


It doesn’t matter what kind of industry you’re in. One thing remains consistent in the business world – no leads, no clients. No clients, no business!


You’ve heard about SEO, but the details are a bit hazy. We’d be surprised if you haven’t received an email in the past from an obscure “Perth SEO company” possibly located somewhere in Asia. These guys may have sounded a bit dodgy, so maybe you just disregarded them. But even so, you know that something big is happening in the world of online search.


If traditional print and media advertising has lost its gloss in recent years, online search figures have blossomed exponentially to take their place. Thanks to computers, the World Wide Web and smartphones becoming an integral part of our busy lives, it’s all too easy and convenient to jump on the internet and Google up what you need, exactly when you need it!


In fact, people are probably searching up for your products or services right now while you read this. But will they find you? Does your website show up when they’re searching? Or are your opportunities slipping by, each day, as your site is nowhere to be found...?

That’s where our SEO company in Perth comes in.

Our Promise: Traffic, from Google, to your site. Easy.


We like to keep things simple around here. Throughout your campaign, we’ll get your site higher up on the Google rankings, so that your potential customers find you sooner. More eyes on your website, means more leads, and more leads means more business for you.


You’ll get regular reports on our work so you always know what we’re up to.


So now that we know a bit more about each other, let’s see exactly what you’ll get out of an SEO campaign with Alyka.

  • Increase in website traffic.
  • Increase in qualified leads, which means more potential customers.
  • Increase in brand awareness and online reputation.
  • Expert advice on all things SEO.
  • More time for you to work on your business, rather than “in” your business.
  • More time to sit back and relax, while your website makes money for you.

This is sounding good, huh?

If you’re this far down the page, then you definitely like what you’re reading! Allow us to make it clear: Our SEO package was MADE for you if...

  • You just don’t have enough time to worry about search engine optimisation yourself.
  • You have a unique business that requires a personalised approach.
  • You have more than one target market, or perhaps more than one business to think about.
  • You are on a budget.

Contact us today so we can talk about optimising your website and improving your online marketing campaigns.



+61 (08) 9200 4429


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