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Melbourne, Victoria
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Myotherapy is a branch of manual therapy which focuses on the treatment and management of musculoskeletal pain. This involves an extensive physical evaluation and an integrated therapeutic approach to treat affected muscles, joints and nerves. It is used in the treatment of acute or chronic conditions as well as in the area of preventive management. Within Pinnacle Health Group, we offer Myotherapy and Clinical Myotherapy. The distinguishing feature of Clinical Myotherapy is its specific form of clinical reasoning. Standard methods of assessment such as postural evaluation, orthopedic, neurological and functional testing are accompanied by a thorough palpatory exploration of spinal and peripheral joint-play as well as the contractile state of specific muscles. These findings are then interpreted in terms of their relationship to musculoskeletal pain.


Pinnacle Myotherapy
A Myotherapist treats with more than just their hands. Distinct from a Massage Therapist, a Myotherapist may use a variety of techniques to treat pain and tension. These may include:

  •    Dry Needling
  •    Joint Mobilization
  •    Trigger Point Release
  •    Cupping
  •    Heat Application
  •    Prescriptive Exercise


Why Choose Myotherapy?
Myotherapy is a very beneficial way of managing pain and preventing injuries.  Myotherapy, like massage, can provide:

  •    Improved blood circulation
  •    Clearing of waste products from your body
  •    Relief of cramps, spasms or pain
  •    Aid in recovery from injury
  •    Aid in Postural correction
  •    Enhance general well being


Your Appointment
As our Myotherapists in Melbourne and Sydney, conduct thorough physical assessments, just as a Physiotherapist would, it is important you bring any relevant medical information or imaging reports related to a condition that will affect your treatment.

Our Centers:

Collins St, Melbourne CBD
03 9034 7217

ANZ Wellness Centre
03 9034 7215

Docklands, Melbourne
03 9034 7219

Flinders Street, Melbourne CBD
03 9034 7221

Westpac – Kent Street
(02) 8253 7999

Westpac – Kogarah
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Westpac – Barangaroo
(02) 8253 5533

Telstra – George Street
(02) 9230 0062

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