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Germanicos tailor made suits in Melbourne combine the exact fit details with the prestige of bespoke and the best fabrics in the world. Tailor made suits in Melbourne can cater for all occasions from work, to play, to the most important day of your live - your wedding day. By choosing to dress in tailor made suits, you are showing the world that you are a man who not only takes charge, you have exceptional taste.


Germanicos tailor made suits are handsomely designed down to every last detail; from the style, shape and fit, right down to the buttons and lining. Germanicos provides all customers with a free stylist service to help with deciding on their tailor made suits in Melbourne. If you admire the style of Hugh Jackman, or X-Factor judge Ronan Keating, talk to the talented tailors here at Germanicos. We will help you to suit up for Melbourne Cup or your next event with tailor made suits designed with your body and style in mind.

Melbourne men really know how to look after themselves, and with bespoke suits in your wardrobe, you will always look like a million dollars. Forget those off-the-rack suits that don’t fit your arms or shoulders properly, or are made of low quality materials; a custom suit is the best way to achieve the perfect fit and to show off your physique. Why would you want to dress yourself in anything less? Choosing bespoke suits over off the rack suits is comparable to choosing a beautiful machine like a Ferrari over a Hyundai.


There is no doubt that bespoke suits by Germanicos are the Ferrari of the suit world in terms of look, fit, breathability and longevity.


With custom suits handcrafted in Melbourne, your suit will be designed with a luxurious feel to give you a striking demeanour. With over 4000 fabrics to choose from which suit all climates, our bespoke suits are crafted to suit all body shapes and proportions.


You can trust that our bespoke suits will fit you better and last longer than any other suit you will ever own. We proudly list all the prices of our custom suits in Melbourne, so when you compare the cost of a designer label suit to our bespoke suits, you are sure to find that a having a Germanicos custom made suit just for you, is of small cost.


When it comes to your Melbourne wedding day, you should desire wedding suits or tuxedos that are going to complement your beautiful bride. Germanicos’ bespoke wedding suits tailors will work with you and your bride to fashion wedding suits for your dream Melbourne wedding. We have many years’ experience designing handsome, bespoke wedding suits. In fact, we proudly designed a bespoke wedding suit for Alex Araujo, who’s wedding portrait photography won the prestigious Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Class award hosted in Las Vegas in 2012.


Germanicos tailors can visit your home or office at a time that suits you, in order to take all your measurements and will advise you on the ideal fabrics, stylish linings, and wedding suits styles to provide that suave look for your special day. Our custom made wedding suit tailors are not just in Melbourne. We have tailors available across Australia and overseas, so wherever your groomsmen are in the world we can cater for all their measure and fits. For bespoke wedding suits in Melbourne, speak with the professional tailors here at Germanicos.

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