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The Australian Cobberdog  is a new breed with breeders working towards predictability.

The Australian Cobberdog has some ancestors in common with the Multi generational Australian Labradoodle but has since been bred for more desirable and predictable characteristics, for example:

Gentle nature;
An aptitude for training;
A need to be with their humans; and
Having a non-shedding and low odour coat;
As the breed is still in the development stage the coat types can vary from a curly wool coat to a wavy fleece coat. There is no right or wrong coat and both types have their benefits. It has been said that for people with allegies that a wool coat may be a better coat to reduce the chance of an allergic reaction and the fleece coat has been said to be easier to care for.

The Australian Cobberdog coat seems to repel dirt and they rarely have a doggy odour. Our dogs have a great time playing in the mud and after being covered in mud it drops out of their coat when it dries. All non-shedding dogs need to be clipped at least twice per year.
We are registered breeders with The Master Dog Breeders and Associates and all of our breeding dogs are DNA tested and health tested. Your puppy will have a registered pedigree, it will be microchipped, vaccinated, vet checked and go home with a puppy pack. We are happy to work with those who are interested in breeding.
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