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Pragmatic ICT & Business Strategy and Risk Management | Bastion
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Shaugn Vorster
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Adelaide, South Australia
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You need to manage your ICT risk, or you're trying to figure out your next ICT step, what technology to use. There's so much hype and sales pitch. It's potentially unfamiliar territory. How do you cut through all the jargon and get to grips with the real issues. This is true whether you run a one man business, or a multimillion dollar business, whether it's law, or medicine, a trade or retailer, or manufacturing, agriculture or  mining. Technology is having far reaching consequences for business, and if you're older, perhaps you're feeling a bit in the dark. A trusted ICT executive like a Chief Information Officer is a rare animal, and expensive on a full time basis for a small organisation. Now you can employ the services of a senior CIO on an adhoc or retainer basis that allows you to access and gain a business advantage from someone who's been around the block, across a wide range of industries. As always, what I do for you is held in the highest confidence.

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