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God Money Matter delivers its services in financial Planning especially in Bible Based Financial Planning.  We have over 25 years of experience in financial planning.  Our passion is to help Christian’s master their money and also bring their household into a well organized financially situation. We give our service in bible based financial planning, money management, debt, cash flow, lending, mortgage, Christian Financial Planning etc. God’s Money Matter has Christian financial experience which is quite helpful to instruct our one of the live or recorded events.


We run lot of live events and Financial Bootcamp programs especially for Christian community which includes:-


God’s Money Matter Radio Sound Bits


The Financial Bootcamp Radio Workout Programs


The Financial Bootcamp Live Event Programs


Christen based Financial Bootcamp can be adapted to specific group or church. Listen to our live events or previously recorded programs. Book your God’s Money Matters Bootcamp live event for your Christian organization. If you are interested in our Bible Based Financial training, advice, courses and Events than call us at 1300-130-696 or simply log into our website

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