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Migration Australia WA
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Western Australia
Migration Australia WA was established by husband and wife Mark and Kelcey Ellis in 2013. With a focus on Partner Visas and other permanent visa pathways. We have both grown up in Western Australia and know this is the place we intend to raise our family. We also love to see this dream to live permanently in Australia become a reality for our clients. In working with our clients we appreciate they come from many diverse countries where political stability, work opportunities are not always guaranteed. Also you never know who you will connect with and pursue a deeper relationship with; we are here to support you and your relationship when it comes to a migration pathway. We know that relationships take all forms and are influenced by background, culture, religion, environment, values and ethics to name a few. Sometimes it is hard for couples to explain their relationship to the department of immigration we are there with the ups and downs of your application and to put the strongest application forward. Migration Australia is an esteemed migration and visa service providers in Perth, Australia. Migration Australia takes care of entire visa process as per the migration laws. We offer total commitment in giving clients our full support at every step of the Immigration process. We provide assistance to our clients through entire migration process as well as in partner visa services.
Our Team
Mark Ellis (Principal Migration Agent)
Mark is your captain through the peaks and troughs of the visa journey. He has the practical experience, knowledge and passion you require in a registered migration agent. His judgement can be relied upon to ease your visa workload as Mark works with you from initial appraisal, written plan, execution of the plan and monitoring your visa applications progress. Mark is your compass when it comes to migration law and knowledge of visa pathways, safely charting your course through uncertain waters.
Naomi Rose (Administration Assistant)
Works with our business in the capacity of Administration Assistant, of which we are very grateful. Many of our clients work with Naomi and she is only an email away. Naomi works to keep your application on track and to ensure you do not become too overwhelmed when it is time to gather documents, evidence and further information for your application. Naomi is extremely knowledgeable on the government department’s evidence requirements and how documents and evidence will be viewed; as she is an ex-immigration case officer with a number of years experience. We are privileged to have her on staff.
Destination Partner Visa Perth
One of you is from Australia and one of you is from another part of the world. Everything is great, then comes some uncertainty. Your current visa is about to expire.
Experts for your Family Visa to Australia
There are a many positives to keep extended families together and close by when charting the peaks and troughs of raising children.
If you have a Visa Refusal you need specialist help
This is a paid service as all information given to you is individually tailored to you and how the migration law and legislation applies to your specific situation.
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