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3/386 South Street, O'Connor

Western Australia
Perth Hynotherapist is Western Australia’s answer to the things that are preventing you from achieving the life you want. This page is about Perth Hypnotherapist. We do this by identifying the deep patterns in your life that you’re aware of but unable to change. The reason for this is you are attempting to “Fix the problem” using your conscious mind. If you’re wondering what that is it’s the bit of your mind you’re aware of. It’s the bit that judges and criticises you and beats you up. The thing is the behaviours and beliefs that cause them don’t live in your conscious mind. They are in the unconscious mind that also runs your breathing, your heart beat, your pulse and all your internal organs, as well as your behaviour. The reason your brain does this is so it doesn’t have to stop and work out what it has to do in a situation. Evolution has programmed you to do things in a way that your brain decided was the best way to respond. It did that a long time ago. Often long before your brain was fully developed. Here at Perth Hypnotherapist we uncover the reasons you decided on those behaviours and then assist you to choose new ways of doing things that serve you better, using a variety of tools and techniques. Perth Hypnotherapy is owned and managed by Jennipher McDonald.
Our Team
Jennipher McDonald (Owner)
Jennipher not only has years of experience as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and a trainer of NLP Neuro-linguistic Programming, she is also an internationally certified coach and teaches breath work, workshops. She has overcome issues in her life that would have stopped most people. This means that Jennipher can relate to you in an open waythat values your humanity, warts and all. This is one of the things our clients appreciate about Perth Hypnotherapist.
Overcoming Anxiety
Perth Hypnotherapist
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Perth Hypnotherapist
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