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I am a personal fashion stylist and I am here to help you gain your confidence back. Finding the right clothes for your body shape and right colours for your complexion, we can help. Learning what clothes suit our shape, and what colours suit our complexion is the most import things when it comes to contouring your body. Everyone has a beautiful and unique shape that should not fall prey to common fashion mistakes. Following what is in fashion will not look the same on everyone and so following your body shape will never let you down. There is nothing worse than wearing the wrong type of clothes with the wrong colours. Wrong colours can make you look washed out and even unwell. Colours are there to lift you up and make your skin glow. So learning what season of colours you should be wearing can literally change your life and the way you see colour. This is where Fashion Contour can help. We can make a tailored assessment for your body. and your body only. Fashion Contour can empower you to know what suits you and therefore you will feel great in what you are wearing. You will have the ability to go shopping for clothes and know what your body will look good in. It makes shopping so much easier and above all fun as it takes the stress away. We have many online services so we can help people worldwide. We even do parties, high schools, church groups and mothers groups. We cater to the whole family, from babies through to adults, both men and women. We can help you put an outfit together for a special occasion or a whole wardrobe. We have many package options. So please check out our website and we are on facebook as well.
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Melissa (Pesonal Fashion Stylist)
My name is Melissa and I am a personal stylist. I have studied and received my diploma with QC style academy. I have always had a flair to dress people with the right clothes that suit their body shape and complexion. I attended June Dally-Watkins business finishing college where I learnt so much about makeup, fashion, presentation and deportment. It was an amazing experience and one that i will take with me forever and be able to use in my profession. I have worked as a sales consultant in lingerie and fashion stores for a number of years and my belief is to always be honest with your client. If they trust you then you have a client for life and they will recommend you as they trust your honesty and ability. I also have a degree in counselling so I understand the frustration and even emotional pain that I have seen people go through when they do not feel good about themselves. Upon counselling people and I saw how unhappy people were in their own skin. Even though I saw beauty with these people it didn’t matter as they did not feel beautiful. Sometimes you just do not know how to feel beautiful. You have to feel confident and you have to feel self worth. I believe that everyone can look and feel amazing in what they wear. People of all shapes and sizes can have the confidence in looking great with the proper clothes for their body type. All of our bodies are unique and we all need to celebrate ourselves with the clothes that is right for us. I can help you find the right style clothes to show off your best features so that you can exhibit confidence in your appearance. With the right style of clothes, right fit and right colours that are tailored to you, you can have confidence like you have never had before. I can help style you and your whole family. I am a wife, mother, daughter and sister so I know what it is like to have to shop for the whole family. Children are becoming more complicated in dressing as they are more in tune to today’s fashions than what children were in previous generations. I can help bridge that gap to keep everyone happy. My online services are helpful for busy people as you do not need to do anything but send in some photos and measurements, the rest is done by myself and I will send you a portfolio for yourself.
We work with all body shapes.
We work with everyone.
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