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Throughout the history of modern medicine, surgery and medication have held leading positions in the battle against disease. Usually these modalities come into play after the horse has bolted. The individual already has the disease or injury and medication and/or surgery are employed to rectify the problem. In more recent times government and medical authorities have begun to place more emphasis on preventative medicine. These ‘stop smoking’, ‘exercise more’, ‘drink less alcohol’, ‘drive safely’ media campaigns are an attempt to incite behavioural changes which, if established, are likely to improve health and extend life. Such campaigns are an important first step however they usually provide little, if any, follow up support. An increasing body of evidence is suggesting hypnotherapy may be an excellent technique for behavioural change. Once a desire to lose weight, stop smoking, reduce alcohol or exercise more has been initiated, hypnosis can be an efficient method by which these desires are manifested as realities.
Our Team
Dr Bruce Alexander (Practicioner)
Dr Bruce Alexander has devoted his life to the improvement of physical and psychological health. He began his career as a medical research scientist, where he and coworkers were able to identify a crucial gene in the developement of leukaemia. Most cancers are linked to or caused by lifestyle issues, for example smoking, eating, drinking, poor sleep or lack of exercise. Many cancers can be prevented by behavioural changes but unfortunately this is easier said than done. Hypnosis is an excellent technique for behavioural change as well as a useful tool to help resolve emotional and stress related issues. In 1999 Bruce completed training in clinical hypnosis and psychotherapy at The Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science. Since that time he has helped thousands of private clients resolve a variety of physical and psychological health issues. He has applied his diverse range of research and clinical skills to the corporate sector by providing programs in stress resilience and smoking cessation. Bruce also tutors Medical Students at Monash University and has lectured at The Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science.
Julie Lorenz (Practicioner)
Julie has found within her specialized therapy that at times non sexual relationships outside of the primary coupleship (sometimes referred to as “emotional affairs”) cause insecurities and jealousy and need special understanding to sort out before permanent damage is caused or the relationship difficulties become terminal. Julie’s training in drug and alcohol counselling has provided many clients suffering with the pain and hopelessness of addiction to find a safe port to begin the process of recovery. This highly specialised area requires an understanding of the all consuming nature of addiction and a plan for relapse prevention. The support of the 12 step programs and individual counselling can shed a light on recovery and a chance at a new way of living and beginning a new life.Hypnotherapy is often helpful in these cases requiring behaviour change such as dealing with bulimia, smoking, drug abuse, compulsive lying, gambling, in fact any behaviour that is causing life damaging consequences for you or someone you care about. Many adults present with issues related to healing after the end of a relationship, or intervening to repair resentments and hurts before it is too late, a life stage dilemma, change of job, health issues or family leaving home or not leaving home! Relationship issues are special area of interest because when we get that right so many aspects of our life fall comfortably into place.
Janie Bailey (Health professional)
Janie is a health professional of over 30 years standing, the last 15 of which have been focused on education and children/families. She brings a wealth of insights and understanding to her work as a couple counsellor. Her empathetic and non judgemental approach enables clients to a greater understanding of themselves, their choices and supports them to move forward in a conscious and empowered way.

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Dr Bruce Alexander chats with Hughesy, Kate and Dave on Nova Radio.
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