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We are one of the industry leaders when it comes to media transfer service. We have served more then 5000 customers all around Australia and have helped our clients to convert videos to dvd or disc. We cover all different types of video transfer. So if you have a consumer video (VHS, Betamax or Camcoders) or a pro video tape (Digital Betacam,U-matic) that needs to be transfered to a dvd or disc, we can do that.



We understand how precious your videos tapes are and at Codeart we work very hard to convert your VHS to other digital formats. You can watch your home movies on IPad, Laptops, TV or any other device in full High definition (HD). We convert all types of VHS such as VHS-C, Betamax, Video8 & and Hi8. We can even produce Blu-rays of your videos. We use Teranex processing units which is top of the range and world renowned standards converter with incredible virtually transparent quality! We make sure we convert your videos to great home movies with noise reduction, subtitles, removing blank gaps, automatic cadence detection and removal even with edited content. 

We have designed and developed a unique online system for our customers, “Memory Cloud”. You can track your orders online and even share your videos online with your friends and loved ones. We store your precious home movies free of charge on our highly secured cloud based server. You can share these videos through Facebook, Twitter or send an email to anyone you like with the video link.


Logon to for more transfer options.


1 x VHS Tape to DVD/BluRay = $39.95 After Discount = $27.95
1 x BETAMAX  to DVD/BluRay = $49.95 After Discount = $35.5
1 x VHS-C    to DVD/BluRay = $39.95 After Discount = $27.95
1 x Video 8  to DVD/BluRay = $39.95 After Discount = $27.95
1 x Digital8 to DVD/BluRay = $39.95 After Discount = $27.95


** Prices will vary depending upon the additonal service you opt for. Logon to & use the coupon code "memory30"



We can convert your standard definition videos to high definition video. Upscaling the tools of your TV will not produce the same HD quality of the video that we can achieve it using our top edge converter. High Defintion refers to a level of detail on screen that provides more sharp edges on the images, edge detection and more vibrant colours. A high definition video can be of 3 different formats 720p, 1080i or 1080p. All high definition formats use a 16:9 aspect ratio using square pixels. All these 3 different formats have different frame rates and scanning method.



Your Videos are precious - accept only the best


We are the experts in this field. We have a team of highly skilled technicians who has years of experience and we work very hard to give you the best results for your videos. We make sure we have covered everything thats required to give your final video the best output. We keep track of your orders and notify you of every step of your order. We have served more then 10,000 customers world wide.

FREE MEMORY CLOUD ACCOUNT for every customer

Memory cloud is everything that you need to know about your order and store your precious videos online with us.Our online system helps you to keep track of your orders. We know that your videos are precious and so we have developed this technology which will help you to keep informed about every step of your order. Once you have registered and have placed an order online, all you have to do is post the videos or films to us. Once we have received your videos / films we will update your order on every step. There are no hidden costs, this amazing feature is free to all customers.

There are no hidden costs, this amazing feature is free to all customers.

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