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Teranex is considered as one of the top end video converter and can virtually convert any video format to any other video format of high quality. The Teranex has many features such as De-interlace, up/down/cross conversion, cadence detection/removal, noise reduction and more. This is an ideal converter for regular conversions and also for capture and playback.



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1 x Betacam SP to DVD/BluRay = $45 per hr After Discount = $31.5
1 x U-matic to DVD/BluRay    = $45 per hr After Discount = $31.5
1 x DV CAM to DVD/BluRay     = $45 per hr After Discount = $31.5
** Prices will vary depending upon the additonal service you opt for. Logon to & use the coupon code "memory30"



We convert all types of pro tapes such as Betacam SP, U-matic and DV Cam. We can convert the pro tapes to Blu-ray or External HD. We also provide digicare services to Betacam SP & U-matic tapes. You can create an order online and send us the pro tapes to our head office or to one of our agents. We will notify you on every step when there is an update on your order. We have been in this business for the last 15 years and we are one of the leading experts in this field in Australia. We have clients from different fields such as Museums, Government Departments, Event Management Companies, Wedding Organisers and much more. We use one of the best top end converter and have a highly skilled team. We store your precious videos online absolutely free for the first 6 months which you can share it with others through "Memory Cloud".


If you already have a HD video tape, we can transfer it to DVD or Blu-ray or even to an external hard drive. We can convert them to different digital HD formats so that you can play it on most of the devices. The process of transferring HD videos to disc or Blu-ray is not that easy but with a highly skilled team like ours, we work hard to achieve the best result for your videos.


We recomend our customers to get a Blue-ray done so that all the quality that has been filmed in can be retained.  Blu-ray was developed for recording, rewriting and playback of high-definition video (HD), as well as storing large amounts of data. This format can hold up to 25GB on a single-layer disc and 50 GB on a dual layer disc. You can enjoy your HD label videos anywhere on any device. It can be played on iPads, Laptops, Home TV and other devices. Just because your TV has a HD doesnt mean it can display all HD videos. Upscaling the settings of your TV will not produce the same effect that you will have on a HD video. To convert your SD video tapes to HD disc give us a call or register online to submit a quote for the same.

FREE MEMORY CLOUD ACCOUNT for every customer

Memory cloud is everything that you need to know about your order and store your precious videos online with us.Our online system helps you to keep track of your orders. We know that your videos are precious and so we have developed this technology which will help you to keep informed about every step of your order. Once you have registered and have placed an order online, all you have to do is post the videos or films to us. Once we have received your videos / films we will update your order on every step. There are no hidden costs, this amazing feature is free to all customers.

There are no hidden costs, this amazing feature is free to all customers.


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