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Lewisham Smash Repairs works with some of the reliable and well-known car insurance companies in Australia to bring you a reputable quality service when it comes to repairing your vehicle from an accident. We know that getting your car repaired after an accident is somehow a painful process, which is why we want to help you have some peace of mind through our smash repair service along with your reputable car insurance.

Car insurance is not about choice but a ‘must-have’ protection to prevent car owners from getting into legal and financial problems on all types of car related incidents that may happen to your vehicle. However, there are several car insurance companies out there who do not let you choose who will repair your vehicle. If you pick an unreliable insurer, there’s a huge possibility for you to lose your chance to decide what will happen to your vehicle right after the accident. You’ll eventually know that you’ve choose the wrong one when your car insurer left you with no choice, particularly in times you needed them most.

For many people, car is one of the most expensive investment, yet important asset they have in their life. So if their car is involved in an accident, of course, they care about how their vehicle will be repaired and who will repair it. Some insurance companies even promise to choose your repairer, but on the contrary exclude you from the necessary repair process. Mostly, they dictate who will repair your vehicle, how or when it is going to be repaired, and the price of repair. In most cases, some unreliable insurance companies will just require you to tow your damaged vehicle to the Assessment Center and far removed from your premise for the benefit of competitive tendering. Hence, the insurer is the one which allocates the job to repair the vehicle to the repairer of their choice. In short, you have less control over your insurance and the outcome of what will happen to your car.

While there are some insurance companies which do not even provide you the privilege to repair your car under your own control, there are also other insurance companies that provide you the opportunity to choose the repairer you like to deal with for your car. And mostly, these companies are prepared to negotiate the insurance for a fair price, particularly for a quality job by a repairer of your choice. These insurers highly respect the fact that you’ve paid the required premium and provide you the opportunity to decide what will happen to your vehicle.


Friendly Staff

Our reliable and customer-friendly staff is just a call away for any queries relating to car insurance claims and repairs. We always place our customers’ needs on top of our priorities. Anything you need to know about our car insurance or other related services in Lewisham Smash Repairs, just get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Quality Service

If you are looking for a high-quality smash repair that is suited for your budget, Lewisham Smash Repairs is the best answer for all your needs! We provide high-quality smash repairs, spray painting, panel beating and bumper repair with the help of our highly-trained technicians. Therefore, you can truly ensure that you’ll be provided with highest level of customer’s satisfaction and high-quality service with us.

Beyond Insurance Service

We offer ‘No Additional Cost’ for our on-site service, call us if you’re in accident or car trouble anywhere in the Sydney area and we will quickly come right to your location to help arrange for repairs and transportation.

Fast Repairs

Our smash repair service is available for vehicles of all kinds, we deal with all insurance insurance companies to help your smash repair process more faster and easier. Our clients are guaranteed with fast and reliable repair service.


What We Do

Local drivers highly depend on high-quality car smash repairs that will help them get back behind the wheels. Our smash repair service is always available to help you get back to your driver’s seat fast. At Lewisham Smash Repairs, we work with all major car insurance companies, making your experience easy and hassle-free. From accidents caused by human errors, and other external factors you may face while you are on the road, we’ve got the best service designed to address your needs as a car owner.


How to File A Claim

No one ever wants to file a car insurance claim, not until they have a accident while on the road. When you have a car accident or collision with other vehicle, you’ll need to file for a comprehensive insurance claim. When you contact your company to file a claim, make sure you provide the following important details:

- Full Name
- Start and end date of the policy
-Time and date of incident
-Names, phone numbers and addresses of passengers and witnesses
-Driver’s license and the license plate number


Insurance Claim Process

Once you fill all the necessary requirements, your insurance claim will go through the following:

- Case Assignment to your insurance company's representative who will work on your claim
- The representative will discuss the coverage of your claim and the situation. 
- The representative will evaluate or organise further assessment to your vehicle which may include: inspecting your vehicle, examining evidence of any injury and the initial payment of your claim. 
- Resolution of the case, which may also include payments as appropriate 

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