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Job Fit is a leading provider of workplace health and safety courses & services within Victoria. We offer a range of services including: back safety training, office ergonomics, workplace warm up programs, wellness programs, risk assessments, task analysis and noise assessments. Implementing Job Fit’s programs and services will help to ensure that your workplace is compliant with current regulations set out in the 2004 OH&S Act. Our skilled team of OH&S professionals are able to carry out detailed evaluations including workplace ergonomics, task assessments, risk assessments and noise surveys. After analyzing the information we gather we will compile extensive reports to provide our clients with the information they need to implement change. Our occupational health and safety training programs aim to not only teach people good manual handling practices but also promote workplace health and happiness. Our range of programs include: ergonomic workstation setup workshops, ‘Stretch Into Action’ and ‘Keep Well, Work Safe, Live Longer’ workshops, and a variety of manual handling training. We also provide high quality client specific training videos. These video’s use the client’s logo, equipment, uniforms and employees within the video to get a completely customized and job specific training video. For workplace health and safety services that you can trust, choose Job Fit.
Job Fit is an organisation that is recognised for providing innovative and professional health, safety and fitness services.We have many years experience working, Managing and Consulting to a wide range of industries, small, medium and large organisations.
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Ergonomic Training Melbourne
Ergonomics Training service is not only designed to correctly set workstations up for your staff but it is also designed to educate your staff on how to do it correctly for themselves. This service will suit any person who regularly works at a desk or with computers. Please contact us (03) 5977 0222 for more information.
Job Fit provides workplace ergonomics training and assessment at affordable rates in Melbourne. If you choose our ergonomics training then you will be able to educate your staff in matters which define correct work station set up. For more information, feel free to call us at 0359 770 222 or visit our website

Job Fit provides comprehensive manual handling training for employees for correct weight handling in order to avoid injuries and mishandling. Learn new techniques with our manual handling training for correctly lifting and carrying objects.
Complete Manual Handling Training in Melbourne
Around one third of all workplace injuries in Australia occur during manual handling activities. Many of these injuries could have been avoided with good preventative interventions. Job specific training is one of those interventions Job Fit conducts Manual handling training in Melbourne that is practicable & specific to the requirements of the position. Call us (03) 5977 022 for more info.
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