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Hydromatt is your one stop shop if you are in search of solar pool heating systems. We have been in the solar pool heating Melbourne industry since 1978 and we have been providing dedicated and sincere services since then. With us you will be able to avail for your house superior quality of pool heating systems which will help you to extend your swimming seasons, the pool solar heater can be used to heat the water of the pool through sunrays so that no electricity is wasted in the same. We have a whole list of services available for our clients and some of the services are solar pool heating, pool solar heater, DIY solar pool heating, pool solar controller, solar collector, pool covers, pool pump and much more. If you are ever in need of any of the above listed services you can feel free to contact us. At Hydromatt we believe in providing our customers with the best of the services, we make sure that when they come to us looking for help we offer them only the best. To get to know more about our services you can give us a call or visit our website.
Solar Pool Heating
ReadySolar can be installed almost anywhere on the roof of your house, garage, porch, shed, pergola or directly on your lawn. The only important requirement is a sunny location i.e. north/northwest facing surface to ensure maximum heat exposure.
Pool rollers
Removing and replacing your Solar Pool Blanket or Thermal Pool Cover is a simple procedure, especially with the aid of your Pool Cover Roller. Our long-life stainless steel rollers are compact, portable, easy to use and easy to move: one person can manually reel the cover from your pool. A special UV resistant over-cover comes with the Pool Cover Roller to provide your cover with extra protection from the sun’s damaging rays.
Solar Pool Blankets
Our Solar Pool Blanket is similar to bubble packaging material except that it’s a thicker and a much higher grade of plastic with UV inhibitors and stabilisers. Its bubble design maximises the efficiency of energy received from the sun, thereby reducing your pool heating and maintenance costs and extending your swimming season by as much as three months. It manages this in two significant ways: reducing evaporative water loss and improving the absorption and retention of solar heat. An outdoor pool gains heat from the sun’s radiation and looses heat through water evaporation and convection. A solar pool blanket maximises absorption of short wave energy from the sun and will even raise the temperature of your pool by up to 8°C. The static air trapped in the bubbles then acts as a thermal insulator and reduces the overnight loss of long wave radiation, so heat loss is negligible. Our Solar Pool Blanket simply makes the most of the sun’s energy to save you money
300 ProLok Modular Locking S ystem
Prolok Installation Video
Prolok Modular is a revolutionary new 20 tube PVC/Nitrile modular Pool Solar Heating system, roof modules come in 3 preset lengths called roof modules, each roof module of either 3, 4 or 5 square metres is simply rolled out on your roof and linked together to create the required roof area.
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